Air Control 4V210-08 , EVJ 7/9 , 220V AC , 100% ED
IP 65 , 29mA , 6.0 VA , Pressure : 0.05-1.0 Mpa
The A41 Series is an ISO cylinder designed for general industry. Its diameter is from 32 mm to 100 mm.
This series features a design of the barrel that allows the magnetic detectors to be integrated in the cylinder.
The barrel is given a new profile from an aesthetic and hygienic aspect. In addition, high temperature seal are available in this cylinder.
The A70 series from AirControl Industrial, is a pneumatic cylinder that is classified to ISO Cylinders.
It complies with the European standard ISO 15552 (previously ISO 6431) and VDMA 24562.
The unit is accessible in sizes from 160 to 320 mm. It is also accessible with twofold effect or without magnetic cylinder in extensive variety of standard stroke lengths. The unit can be applied in general industry.
This Air Control pneumatic cylinder meets high European Standards of ISO 6432 and is completely made of stainless steel. It is highly recommended for the food sector.
It is offered in 16, 20 and 25mm diameters and pressed covers.
The Air Control 30-35 series, which are manufactured by Aircontrol, are heavy-duty pneumatic cylinders.
The units are ideal to use in extreme applications with minimal servicing conditions such as opening truck platforms, and as well as closing furnace doors or steel awnings.
They are also available in various diameters that range from 50 mm and up to 300 mm.
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